Walgreens Extreme Couponing Shopping Trip – Over $237 of Stuff for FREE + MONEYMAKER

The first installment of our story time is this awesome extreme couponing trip to Walgreens. This trip took place on 6/18/17 and featured some incredible deals. I got over $237 of stuff for free plus the trip was a small $2.99 moneymaker (not including sales tax.) I don’t have the full breakdown of this trip to Walgreens, because it was lost when we tried to move the site to a new server a few years back. However, I was able to recover the picture from our Facebook page, along with a few details of the trip.

Luckily, there was enough info to do a little story time when combined with my memory of the crazy deal that made it all possible. The picture of my haul is to the right. Also, for some reason I remember doing this trip on my bicycle (in the June Florida heat) and I went to several different stores to get it all done with a trip home in the middle to empty my huge backpack.

I found a copy of the ad scan from that week online and the Fruity Pebbles were on sale for $1.88 with a $1 off two printable coupon, making them $1.38 each. (I love Pebbles Cereal, so I didn’t mind paying that price.) The Olay products were on sale for $4.99 and there was a $12 off three digital coupon, making them $0.99 each!

But what made this trip special were the great deals on Softsoap and BIC.

I can’t seem to figure out what the Softsoap deal was, but it was probably something like $1.99 sale price with 3000 Balance Rewards points (worth $3-$3.75 at that time) for buying two. If that was the case, that made them as low as $0.11 each, even without any coupons. And if there was a coupon for extreme couponing folks like me, they were a moneymaker.

The BIC deal was a glitch monthly deal. I still remember it (but I did confirm the deal on another site before writing this up.) They were offering 3000 Balance Rewards points (value $3-$3.75) for buying two select BIC razors. It was most likely intended to generate the points when you bought two of the regular packages of disposables that were about $7-$10 each, however it was working on the trial size packages of their cheapest razors. I found a site that still has a deals list from that week published and these were priced at 2/$3 in stores and they were generating 3000 Balance Rewards points (value $3-$3.75) for every two you bought. That made them free or a moneymaker – no coupons needed!

In fact, back in these days you could buy two of them for $3 and if you had 3000 points you could redeem them to buy these. You would pay $0 (maybe a little sales tax if applicable) and you’d get 3000 points back on your receipt for buying the razors. Obviously I wasn’t going to use these crappy razors; I donated every last package of them to the St. Petersburg Free Clinic Food Bank.

If you’re curious why I say 3000 points is worth $3-$3.75, that’s because you could choose to redeem your points in larger increments and get a better exchange rate. For example, a redemption of 5000 points was only worth $5 ($1 per 1000), but if you redeemed 40,000 points in a single transaction, you received a discount of $50 ($1.25 per 1000.)

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