CVS Couponing Moneymaker Black Friday Shopping Trip

It used to be really fun to do some couponing at CVS on Black Fridays. I had two CVS cards (mine and my roommate’s), so I could do all of the deals twice. In the early years of this site, CVS would have about forty items that were freebies or moneymakers on Black Friday and I had some incredible hauls. I remember one time I was in Las Vegas over Black Friday and after spending the whole day in the casino I had to organize and write an insane scenario that included something like thirteen separate transactions so folks could score all the freebies while only spending about $5 out of their pockets…while sleep deprived!

It’s unfortunate that I lost a lot of the epic trips to CVS when we moved our site to a new server a few years back, but somehow this one from Black Friday 2016 managed to survive. So if you want to see what CVS couponing on Black Friday looked like five years ago, you can view the full breakdown of my 2016 CVS Black Friday trip here. I got about $107 of items for free, plus I made a $10.50 profit.

Among the cool deals…CVS gave you $15 Extra Bucks for buying a $50 Kohl’s Gift Card (and I was planning to shop the hot Black Friday deals on Kohl’s web site anyways), Physicians Formula mascara was free after Extra Bucks, Wet N Wild Gift Sets were just $0.99 after Extra Bucks, and M&M’s singles were free. Of course, there were many other awesome deals and I still did well even though the store was ravaged by couponers that got to the store earlier than me.

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