Publix Extreme Couponing Shopping Trip – $200+ of Pork Loin & Personal Care for $5!

Here’s the second installment of our Extreme Couponing “Haul” of Fame story time. This one is an awesome Publix trip that happened on 12/28/14. In the past, Publix has usually done a big beauty clearance at the end of the year, and on this particular day I hit the extreme couponer jackpot. We still have the old post of the shopping trip on our site and you can see the full breakdown of every deal from this trip here.

However, I’m going to save you the trouble. Here’s how we scored enough overage to nearly pay for a $35 pork loin and pay just about $5 out of pocket for everything…

First, we had some Winn-Dixie competitor coupons for $5 off a purchase of $30 or more. There was also a promotion to get $10 off a $50 gas card with a purchase of $50 or more. Back in these days, these coupons were stackable on a single purchase of $50 (instead of requiring a purchase of $80 total to use both.)

That paid for most of the pork loin, but here are a few deals that helped us even more…

The Herbal Essences were on clearance for $1.18-$1.41 and there were $2 off two and $3 off three newspaper coupons.

The Pantene items were on clearance for $1.33 and there were two different $2 off one newspaper coupons and one $5 off three newspaper coupon available at the time, making each one free plus $0.67 profit!

The Vidal Sassoon items were on clearance for $1.59 and we had $2 off one newspaper coupons, making each one free plus $0.41 profit.

All the Garnier and Head & Shoulders products were just $0.49-$0.89 with clearance and coupon and the Secret Clinical was on clearance for just $3.19 with $2 off one newspaper coupons, making them just $1.19 each!

And getting all that stuff and a giant $35 pork loin for just $5-ish total is why this one goes in our Extreme Couponing Haul of Fame.

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