Walgreens Couponing on Black Friday – Monica’s $44.75 MONEYMAKER Trip

Black Friday used to be amazing at Walgreens. I don’t even have Monica’s best Walgreens couponing trip from a Black Friday any more, because she had an eye popping trip in either 2012 or 2013. (I think it was over $100 moneymaker and about $1000 of products that she got for free.) However, I do have a full breakdown of this great trip from Walgreens Black Friday in 2014.

In this particular trip, Monica scored almost $500 items for free (pictured to the right) and she snagged $44.75 of profit. Every item she pictured was either a freebie or a moneymaker. Many of these items had printable coupons available too. I imagine that she did a big donation after this Black Friday, because she got so much toothpaste and deodorant…and that stuff was free or a moneymaker every few weeks for couponers back in those days.

When I saw the Crest in this picture, it reminded me of my own Black Friday shopping trip that same week. There were a few young ladies at the beauty counter that used to ring up my Walgreens transactions so I wouldn’t back up the main cashier lines and they were always really nice to me. I had so many Crest coupons and I (obviously) didn’t need more toothpaste since it was free or a moneymaker almost every week. So I hung out at the beauty counter, gave the girls some coupons, and we did a bunch of transactions for them. One thing I learned while couponing is that it’s best to be nice to the cashiers, but I took the opportunity to take my game to a higher level with my Walgreens friends.

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