Walgreens Couponing – $411 of FREE Merchandise + Over $19 PROFIT

Here’s another great trip from our extreme couponing “Haul” of Fame. This one is a trip from Walgreens back in 2017. Walgreens had lots of great Balance Rewards points deals back in those days and the ones that required you to buy a certain number of items allowed you to do multiples of the same deal in a single transaction. For example, there was an unadvertised deal on Wal-Dryl (store brand allergy relief) that almost everyone that didn’t follow our site didn’t know about. All week long I encountered full shelves at every store in town, including some stores that had 40-50 items in stock because there were so many different varieties of this product (tablets, gel caps, caplets, etc.)

There were also a lot of amazing deals on razors that week and it was very easy to put together $50 transactions that I paid for by redeeming 40,000 Balance Rewards points. In each transaction I was earning more points than the 40,000 points I was spending, so my balance just kept growing…and growing…and growing all week long.

There was also a crazy (super easy) moneymaker deal on Almay cosmetics running at the same time, so I was finding moneymaker eye shadows in almost every store I visited.

This photo is of just one day’s shopping, but I remember this week pretty vividly. I was doing transactions like these ones all week, because I lived in an area with dozens of Walgreens stores. Luckily, this shopping trip post is not one of the ones that we lost when we moved the web site to another server, so you can view the original post here that includes the full breakdown of the trip so you can see exactly how I did it, transaction by transaction.

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